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The desired triple 8 rule — 8-hours sleep, 8-hours work, and 8-hours leisure.
  • Your true calling lies at the intersection of what you’re good at, what you love to do, what you people will pay you for, and what society needs (James Altucher).

  • Early in your career, say "yes" to every opportunity. Later on, once you have some success, use the framework: if it's not a “HELL YEAH!” it's a “no.”

  • Apply specific knowledge, with leverage, and eventually you will get what you deserve. You basically get rewarded by society for giving it what it wants.

  • Don't try to remember stuff. Brain is bad at remembering but it's rather good at processing.

  • The biggest division in work may be between jobs that involve making new stuff (science, engineering) and those that don't (administration, sales), and you'll be a lot happier if you end up on the side you're suited for.

Trick yourself into productivity the same way you trick yourself into procrastination

  • The last two weeks I made it a goal to run 5km every morning. A few times, particularly today, I felt lazy and run down, but I got out of bed anyway and told myself that I'll at least walk. The next thing I know I'm running and feeling amazing and on to set one of my better times.

    The point: When you tell yourself "just one more game" or "just one more post", or "just one more video" and end up doing 3-5 hours more, do that with your other tasks too! "just one line of code", "just one tutorial", "just one rep", "just one line of reading/writing".

  • We all have this amazing mental tool that we've been honing for years, the tool of self deception. Time to use it for good and not evil.

  • This is the concept of the minimum viable action. Basically, we often procrastinate because we build up fears and friction related to our perception of the difficulty of an activity. All we have to do is commit to the smallest possible action ie) instead of writing a bunch of pages, start by committing to writing a single line, hell even a few words on a sheet every day. As we do this it becomes easier, and we naturally want to write more, run more, eat less .. What ever that is.

  • A lot of habit forming research says to start with 2-3 minute goals while working on forming the habit. Similar concept, I’d say! I found it very effective while cultivating a daily meditation practice.

Harsh Truths About Corporate Life

  • The more efficient you are at your work, the more you will be burdened with it.

  • Nobody cares about your individual progress in the corporate world. All that matters is what you contribute to the company.

  • There will come a time when you will take up a job just for the money and nothing else.

  • Desk jobs kill creativity.

  • Very often, you will be held accountable for tasks that weren’t even your responsibility in the first place.

  • You will be dealing with a dozen tasks other than what you were initially hired for. Your scope of work will only keep increasing.

  • You will be constantly made to believe you need the company more than it needs you, and that, is not always true.

  • Meetings are a waste of time. Always. Nothing good has ever come out of them, really. Most people aren’t listening, and the ones talking are far away from reality.

  • If you’re sluggish, you’ll be ridiculed by your boss. If you’re proactive, you’ll be hated by your colleagues.

  • Your needs as an employee would go completely ignored, sometimes. You won’t get what you really deserve until you raise your voice and put your foot down.

  • You will be made to work with uninspired people and it will be the most difficult task ever. Your team-mates would neither be of any help, nor would they make it possible for you take everything in your own hands, and it will kill your passion.

  • People around will constantly pull you down with their cynicism solely because they hate your guts.

  • Nobody is going to appreciate you staying in extra hours every single day but the one time you leave a little early, hell will break lose.

  • Whichever new initiatives you volunteer for, become your responsibility.

  • The HR Department is useless, wherever you go.

  • Office politics is definitely not a myth.

  • But meritocracy is. There will be times when undeserving people will get credit for the work you do, simply because they are higher up on the corporate ladder.

  • Half of your time will be spent in sending out unnecessary mails that will never even be read to countless people who want to feel important, before you can actually start working. And more often than not, you will end up doing everything yourself.