Publikuota: 2013-03-30

He works. She works. They split bills. His hobbies are video games. Her hobbies are reading and facebook. He leaves her alone to her hobbies. She leaves him alone to his hobbies. At night time they watch illgally downloaded movies together or stream one on netflix. She makes him a sandwich. He gives her a back rub. They joke about how the people they know are stupid. He tells her about how annoying his friends are. She tells him how annoying her friends are. They laugh together. Then they have amazing sex. Days off are spent surfing the web together, playing games together or occasiaonally going outside to do stuff like: Get coffee and make fun of strangers. Eat together at restaurants that have a cool atmosphere. Go mini-golfing. Go to the movies. She surprises him with an occasional blowjob in the morning and he responds by fixing her breakfast. He surprises her by letting her play a video game with him and she responds by whooping his ass at it. They respect one another or get jealous. They trust each other. Have cute arguments like who’s turn it is to the dishes or what answers don’t count in Scattergories. They’re a team. A club. A 2 person gang that nobody else is allowed to join. It’s them vs. everyone else.

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